The Founder

Terry Spencer


Terry is a glory revolutionist who has a radical level of intimacy with Jesus. He longs to see God's kingdom, power and glory established on earth as it is in heaven. Terry's burning desire is to see His people, cities, states, and nations ignited and transformed by the power and glory of God. Terry flows in the glory realm with a strong prophetic anointing that releases the tangible Glory of God. He also activates and equips believers to operate as legislative manifest son's in the Courtrooms of Heaven in order to more effectively remove the enemy's legal rights that he has gained so that we can fulfill our mandate as sons to deliver creation from the bondage of corruption and manifest heaven on earth.

Terry is an ordained minister with Dennis and Lynnie Walker of Dunamis Apostolic Resource Center in Las Vegas, Nevada. Prior to his ordination he was a licensed minister with Christian International Apostolic Network in Santa Rosa Beach, Florida under Dr. Bill Hamon.

Revolution Glory Ministries 

Revolution Glory Ministries is a ministry established by Terry Spencer. Our core values are to have an encounter with God, experience heaven on earth, and to be transformed in His glory. In each event we will provide you with cutting edge prophetic ministry and training where you will be equipped in the wisdom and revelation and practical application in our four core ministries so that you become a partner with God, a mature company of manifest sons, born for such a time as this, to release heaven on earth with powerful demonstrations of miracles, signs, wonders.

Our mandate is to establish a global community of believers focused on mentoring, training and equipping the Father's manifest sons to step into their inheritance and to begin to rule and reign as His sons, kings and priests. 

You will broaden your ability to more effectively establish His kingdom on earth as it is in Heaven. The one- man show is over. Rather than the traditional big me-little you concept, we're creating side-by-side experiences rife with connectivity and uniqueness where we are open to your dialog, collaboration and feedback. 

You will enjoy effective and more memorable experiences that will broaden your ability to more effectively establish His kingdom on earth as it is in Heaven.Our live gatherings and interactive webinars utilize the latest computer technology and are programmed to include breakthrough spiritual revelation melded with ancient biblical pathways to engage with Him and His kingdom in a greater way.

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