Courtrooms of Heaven


This is a Game-Changer!

Operating in the Courtrooms of Heaven is a revolutionary technology from Heaven that has been reserved for such a time as this to unlock unanswered prayer. Have you been an intercessor and/or have you prayed and prayed with little to no results? Any lack of Heaven manifesting is a legal issue! You will learn the legal processes of Heaven, your place in it, how to remove the satans legal right to steal, kill and destroy, and get your prayers answered, many times immediately.

Dutch Sheets stated, "This is the missing key!"  C. Peter Wagner said, "I am convinced that this revelation is truly a game-changer for those of us intent on advancing God's kingdom.


Courtrooms of Heaven Training Intensives

We offer three different opportunities for COH training. In each you will be empowered through intensive, interactive, heavy biblically based training sessions, activation and impartation, practical application and help setting up your Courtrooms of Heaven Legislative Teams. 

COH Training Intensives are a two  or three day intensive packed with four or more sessions that will give you a more full wisdom, knowledge and understanding along with practical application of how to operate in the Courtrooms of Heaven that gets powerful results.

COH Quick Starts  are a one session training event where you are awakened, receive activation. impartation and revelation into the heavenly courts, the government of the Kindom of Heaven, your authority and identity as a government of the kingdom of heaven legislative and judicial son, king and priest.

COH Ongoing Training  Sessions take you into deeper levels of COH revelation to enhance your COH experience are available as well.

Purpose: Equipping Yahweh's legislative and judicial manifest sons, kings and priests to operate as the government of the Kingdom of Heaven in The Order of Melchizedek to deliver creation from the bondage of corruption and bring heaven to earth. 

General Outline for this Life-Changing Intensive
1. The Government of Kingdom Heaven
2. Identity and Authority as Legislative and Judicial Sons
3. Books of Destiny, Scrolls & Mandates
4. The Judge, Advocate & Legal Counselor
5. Your 21 Member Legal Team
6. Preparing and Presenting Your Case
7. Outworking of the Verdict
8. Interactive Court Case for Practical Application  

If you are interested in hosting an event in your home, church  or conference please submit your request by  sending us an email  at


Mobilize the Legislators Initiative

The Mobilize the Legislators Initiative was birthed in obedience after hearing the voice of the Lord say, "Mobilize the Legislators!"  The Initiative is a global movement that carries a heavenly call to action and a mandate to establish local, regional and national Courtrooms of Heaven teams. 

It is also to activate and equip His Legislative Manifest Sons to remove the legal rights the enemy has gained and deliver creation from the bondage of corruption and bring heaven to earth.   

If you are an experience in the Courtrooms of Heaven and would like to start a team please do not hesitate to send us and email.  We'll help you get started.